(Audio) Book Review : I, Davros Part 1 (Innocence)

As a child – in fact right up until about 1988, Dr Who defined the weekend.  The dodgy costumes and bargin basement special effects didn’t matter (and to a certain extent still don’t). The story of Davros as an audio play? ‘Genesis of the Daleks‘ is one of my favourite Dr Who stories from childhood and one of the few I can say has really stood the test of time, so I thought this one had to be worth the cost of its download. Boy, was I not disappointed…

‘Innocence’ opens what could be as many as fifty years before the events of ‘Genesis of the Daleks’. The war between the Kaled and Thal peoples on Skaro has not yet totally poisoned the planet but that process is well underway. Sixteen year old Davros is being pulled in opposite directions by the demands of his parents. His father Colonel Nasgard is insistant on his son following a military career, whereas his mother, the well-named Lady Calcula, has him down as a scientist in the making. And young Davros? Well, at first he seems quite happy at the family villa by Drammankin Lake studying the water life. Against a background of political intrigue and explosive (literally) personal and family revalations we see the beginnings of the journey from arrogant teenager to murderously insane genius.

Overall, this is play is a well produced 77 minutes worth of drama. Diehard Whovians will enjoy the backstory – for example neither the Kaled nor Thal cities is covered by a protective dome and nuclear weapons have not yet been extensively used. Drammankin Lake is not the nest of icky things it will become in time for the First Doctor’s visit five hundred years later.

Some of the dialogue is quite creepily disturbing – especially that between Davros and his tutor Magrantine. As Davros’ personality slides further and further along the sociopathic spectrum, he starts to take an unhealthy interest in his tutor’s experiments on the effect of nuclear radiation on Skarosian lifeforms…


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