(Audio) Book review: I, Davros Part 2 (Purity)

I, Davros: Purity

I, Davros: Purity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The action picks up about fourteen years after the close of ‘Innocence’. Davros is increasingly dissatisfied with his life in the military and confides to his friend Tech-Ops Reston how fed up he is of testing substandard weaponry. There is an implication that the war with the Thals has simmered down somewhat. To Davros this means the Thals are simply regrouping – to his sister Yarvell it’s clear evidence that both sides are approaching exhaustion and a peace treaty has to be signed while they still can. Summoned to the office of the Kaled Supremo, Davros is amazed to be told that his work has been closely followed by the authorities. He is offered the chance to take part in a covert mission behind Thal lines. The objective is a new Thal weapons production plant. The mission goes ahead – but with consequences that will change Davros’ life forever.

The backstory of Skaro is further fleshed out and we start to see that the nuclear and chemical effects of the war have begun to mutate the surviving life. Drammankin Lake, by whose shores Davros grew up is now referred to as the Lake of Mutations. Indeed, it’s well on the way to becoming the monster-infested radioactive bog encountered by the First Doctor.

Expect by the end of the story to have the Byzantine scheming of Davros’ mother Lady Calcula revealled in full. Davros’ single-minded obsession to ensure the survival of the Kaled race at any cost is leading him further and further down the route of genetic experimentation and accelerated mutation and he will let nothing and no-one stand in his way.

A thoroughly rivetting piece of audio drama.


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