(Audio) Book Review: I, Davros Part 3 (Corruption)

I, Davros: Corruption

I, Davros: Corruption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now in the Science Elite, Davros is well-placed to begin exerting some serious control over the Kaled Government. Right from the start we’re dropped (like the Thal assault team), straight into the middle of the action. Nuclear and neutronic (neutron bomb?) shells are starting to be used in larger numbers as desperation to break the deadlock grows. An audacious but doomed Thal raid on the Kaled High Command gives Davros his first sample of Thal DNA to examine – with surprising results. The environment continues to degrade as the internecine plotting and in-fighting within the Kaled ruling elite threatens to spiral out of control. Davros’ growing relationship with Shan offers a glimmer of hope – but one that is really too little too late.

Davros is increasingly convinced that the mutations brought about by nearly a milleniuum of chemical, biological and now nuclear war cannot be cured or avoided. Indeed, he comes to believe that if anything they should be accelerated within the Kaleds themselves, utilising their species’ propensity for genetic mutation in the face of radiation.

The stage is set for Davros’ final physical and mental transformation.


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