(Audio) Book Review: I, Davros Part 4 (Guilt)

I, Davros: Guilt

I, Davros: Guilt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, it’s made by Big Finish Productions and this final episode definitely lives up to the name. The last vestiges of humanity are slowly peeled away and the crippled psycopathic genius is revealed in all his dark glory. Amongst several sterling performances, special mention has to go to Peter Miles as Lieutenant Nyder. His portrayal of the coldly sociopathic Security Commander Nyder in ‘Genesis of the Daleks‘ scared the hell out of me more than the icky embryo Daleks did. Ok – that was 1975 and I was only nine. Amazingly, the guy’s voice is just as creepily effective as he introduces us to a younger but no less ruthless Nyder. Other highlights include Davros‘ ‘removal’ of the Kaled Ruling Council and the compulsory ‘nursery’ care ordered by him for all new born Kaled children. One of these is Tech-Ops Ludella’s baby boy Kento. The following is a sample of the dialogue. However, the degree to which hearing it works on the imagination can’t be replicated here.

‘Nyder, please see that Ludella is – introduced – to our nursery.’

‘Davros, I have found Tech-Op Ludella unconscious outside. What should I do with her?’

‘Bring her inside. The children of Davros are – hungry. Who knows, when she wakens to see how pleased her son is to see his mother she may have a change of heart…’


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